Lafayette Riverside Polo Tournament: Confirmation

So, the Lafayette Riverside Polo Tournament is gaining momentum and participants. Sponsors are up to about 5 now, and more and more teams are telling us they are wanting to come. What I'd like to do with this post is have everyone who is planning on attending the tournament send an email to bikepolo.lafayette@gmail.com and let us know if you are coming for sure. If you are coming for certain, also let us know in the email how many teams from your city will be attending. We need this info to determine how much to charge for an entrance fee, and how much we can spend on food/prizes/fun.

Here is a checklist for things to include in your email to bikepolo.lafayette@gmail.com:

1) What Polo Club are you from?
2) How many teams will you bring? (List definite teams first, then let us know if you have any "maybe" teams.
3) Estimate of spectators/groupies you will bring.
4) Do you NEED/prefer housing?

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