Alright, just a week away from riverside 2013. As you may know we will be hosting both an A and B tournament on March 30th. A-Tourney will take place at Riverside 100 Tapawigno Dr West Lafayette, IN and B-Tourney at Shamrock Park 115 Sanford St Lafayette, IN 47905. 

Early registration will be held Friday 29th at Shamrock park from 7pm until 11pm, where there will be pickup. Regular registration will start at 8:30am the day of the tournament at both courts so report to the location of your tournament. Registration for the tournament will be $10 per player which will include lunch. The tournaments will start at 9am sharp. Later in the week I will post the first few matches of both events. 

AFTER PARTY... This year we will be having our after party at the Lafayette Theater. The show will be a DJ Talent Showcase starting at 7pm and ending around Midnight. If we can get the tournament started on time and run it efficentlly we will make the only set that matters. Starting at 9pm our polo DJ Captian Dangerous will be spinning it up. Luckily for the little one this is a 18+ show, though not to discourage everyone else this venue is always a blast with plenty of room to dance. Plus they do have a full bar with cheap beer.

Sunday: We will be having pickup at Shamrock Park starting around the time everyone sobers up.

Attatched is a link to a map of Lafayette with marked locations for the weekend.
Check out Java Roasters in the morning for breakfast and Coffee.
Bars: Black Sparrow, Hunters, Dt Kirbys (across from the after party) They have Old Style on tap and great late night Munchies.

Any adjustment to the roster please email bikepolo.lafayette@gmail.com

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  1. Hey give java roaster a heads up this time. They asked us to tell them for next time.