The Battle for the Middle West.

Alright just a day and some change left until history is made. The event will be a Bench Minor style tournament consisting of 9 top tier players from each representing state. The participating teams are: Michigan, Wisconson, Minnesota, Ohio, Kentucky, Missouri, Illinois, and save the best for last Indiana.
Indiana Players
Zach #1 Captain (Bloomington)
Travis #2 Alt Capt (Bloomington)
Kevin #3 Alt Capt (Lafayette)
Stas #4 (Fort Wayne)
Tyler H #5 (Lafayette)
Bruce #6 (Bloomington)
Tom #7 (Lafayette)
Bryan #8 (Indianapolis)
Drew #9 (Fort Wayne)
Evan #10 Alternate (Bloomington)
Robbie #11 Alternate (Fort Wayne)
Who will rein as the Midwest Champhions? Only time will tell..

Thanks Bloomington for hosting this and Robbie from FTW for making such as BA trophy.

Find the first day match up HERE.

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