Getting Pumped

The nice thing about playing next to the Wabash...

You'll get what you deserve

We all had a great spring break! Kevin and Tyler got to travel to NY and play the infamous PIT. They showed those New Englanders how we play in the Midwest (which is THE BEST)!
Sponsors have been trickling in prizes for this weekend and the courts are free of ice!
The Lafayette Leader (a newspaper) will be releasing an article on Thursday about the riverside Tournament! We should be getting a lot press this weekend!

A huge critical mass is planned for Friday night (see http://www.facebook.com/GreaterLafayetteCriticalMass) and press from local newspapers will be covering that too!

If things keep going this well, bike polo will be illegal!
Lets just hope Doomington remembers the goals for Saturday.
In any case, weather this weekend will be warm (70's), with chance of T-storms.
See you all soon, and drive safe!

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  1. dude...our goals are soooooo Doomington now! Red fronts with black backs so you can tell if it passed the posts or not with black thick ass nets. they're some BAMFs