Beginner Bike Polo

Come one, come all to Beginner Bike Polo hosted by our local team, Lafayette Harcourt Bike Polo Team. 

Bike polo is played as it sounds. Players ride bike while swinging their mallets. They attempt to score by shooting a ball into goal. Typically there are 3 players on each team and they take turns being the goalie.

Learn from the best! The Indiana State Champs of 2011 will be present. We cover the basics! By the time we are done, you will know how to:
take corners,
call a shuffle,
block opposing players, and
avoid falls.

Bike and mallets are available, so bring yourself and a curious attitude; we will take care of the rest.

We will meet at the basketball courts just south of the Wiley Dining Court, facing the Purdue Rec Center.
Anyone regardless of age, creed, gender, orientation, or race may play!

For those who want to get a head-start, we play pick-up games regularly every Tuesday and Thursday at 7PM at the same courts.
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