Star City Open 2011

Star City Open
Riverside Skate Center

Hope you all got your fill of polo on this jam packed day! Teams were fierce on the court, the DJ made the booties shake, and the after-party was a celebration of the highest degree. Congrats to Nick Kruse, Nick "Red Beard", and Charlie Hill for taking home 1st place, and also to the boys of Tree City (Travis, Zach, Evan) for placing 2nd. Special congratulations to the MVP 'Red Beard' for more assists than should be counted, and to Jordan of Bloomington for killing it in the beer chugging competition (no contest).

"The Crew"

"Team A-Polo III"

"The Chief"
The C on the shirt isn't for nothing..

"A little Bloomington-Lafayette animosity"
Nothing out of the ordinary

"A soild shot by Charlie hill,
a miraculous stop by Tyler"

"DJ Captian Dangerous"
Compliments of The Black Sparrow

"You win some, you lose some"

Special thanks to City of West Lafayette Park and Recreation department for providing facilities and to our sponsors:

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