Indiana Invitational II

I only captured one photo of the event...

Evan, mixing the beermosa with a polo mallet.

A-Polo III played well. Tyler scored plenty of goals, I delivered plenty of checks, and Tom slayed as a newcomer to tournament polo. After 5 swiss rounds A-Polo III was seeded 6th out of 16 teams. In the first round of the single elimination tournament we were matched up against the, surprisingly, 10th seed "Tree City," who beat us 7-4 earlier in the day. The three of us were not prepared to just give up, so we started the game with intensity. Tyler and Tom lead the charge offensively and scored the opening goal to go up 1-0. We tried our best to keep T-Rex out of the crease, but he still took charge and led Tree City to a 5-3 win. It was a very physical, and intense game. We are looking forward to playing them in the final game of the Indiana State tournament.

On a positive note, A-Polo III took home the best dressed award (thanks to Tom's wicked design). Not only did Tom win us the best dressed award, but his extremely fast progression on the polo court won him The Dark Horse Award. The Dark Horse Award goes out to the player who slayed that you didn't expect/have never heard of. Good job Tom, Tyler and I have been waiting for a threesome to start improving with. Here's our team pic. They wouldn't let me put my shirt on, they said, "that's kevin."


  1. P.s. I can't wait to get back to my Lafayette polo family. I'm beginning a new bike build if anyone wants to buy my old polo bike.

  2. I like this one better!


    We've all waited so long to see if Lafayette or Ft.Wayne was better, then you guys finally play each other and you TIE!!!

    Can't wait for state championships!