Long time no see!

Hey everyone,

It has been since midwests 9 that I have posted. The Midwestern Championship as a blast for everyone. Of course, the Beaver Boys took the title. Here's the video of the championship game against Machine Politics from chicago. There were much more exciting games on the day, but this was the title winner.

So on with the news. Tyler has moved on to Decatur for now. His pick-up with be played with them, but the good news is that he and I will still be teaming up to represent Lafayette in the Indiana Invitational at the end of July in Bloomington. Lafayette crew, we're still looking for a third. Let me know if you want to play with us. Originally it was going to be Caleb, but if I understand correctly he has a schedule conflict.

I know summer is only half way over, but i'm already getting excited to get back to Purdue just so I can play regularly again. I wanted to post mostly because there hasn't been a post in a long time, but I also wanted to bring up pick-up days for next semester. I made my work schedule free for tuesday and thursdays, but if other days work better, let's start talking about it.

That's all for now. Ride hard, polo hard, and I'll see the summer polo crew this weekend!



  1. Whoaaaaaaa! Site redesign! I love it!

    Now where's that IInviteII flyer??

    I jest. We missed you boys in Columbus this past weekend. End of the month is btown is gonna be siiiick though.

  2. Zach, we have a third. You haven't seen him play yet. His name is Tom. This kid has progressed faster than anyone we've played with so far. Tyler and I are pumped to play with him at the invite.