It has been awhile since an update... I've been super busy with finals. Lafayette Bike Polo is making the transition to summer polo. It is rough considering almost all of our players are students at Purdue. A lot of leave for summer and go back where we belong. Hopefully the small crew that is sticking around can keep polo alive. Some of us won't be coming back to Lafayette Bike Polo next school year. Yeah yeah, it's a sad story. Tyler will be moving to Decatur to work for ADM in grain processing or some shit as a chemical engineer. He will likely be playing pick-up with the Decatur guys (lucky he landed in a city with polo), but i'm hoping he'll still be my teammate in tournaments to come. We also say farewell to Tomas. He'll be headed back to Maine where he is originally from. We just discovered today that Portland, Maine has a 3 person polo club trying to start up, so we're hoping Tomas can help them get up an running and keep polo in his blood.

Well, enough about next year... Let's talk about what coming up in the near future! Tyler and I will be joining up with Zach from Bloomington to play in louisville for the Derby tournament as the 231 alliance. Tyler and I are looking forward to both playing with zach and being one of the better teams at the tournament. (Excluding Milwaukee and others for obvious reasons) Also, we'll be traveling to bloomington for the Midwestern Championship on May 21-22. We are unsure of our third teammate right now, but we're in the recruiting process.

We're looking forward to summer tournaments1

Also, Pick-Up tonight (Thursday)!! 9pm at the wiley court. Last session before summer starts! I'll be back to visit periodically through summer, but let's get a fucking crew out there tonight!!!


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