Lafayette Riverside Polo Tournament!

The Riverside Skating Center. Picture this without the snow, ice skaters, or ice.

This post is for you Travis. It is confirmed! Tyler has been emailing Mr. Joe Payne about securing the Riverside Skating Center for our tournament location and on Monday Tyler and I met with the Parks and Rec board during their monthly meeting and we were approved! We're getting the ball rolling now ladies and gentlemen. We have the court from 9am-9pm on April 2nd. So that is the tournament date, put it in your calendars pretty ladies. Lastly, just to get everyone excited about the tournament, I've already started contacting sponsors. Chrome has confirmed to provide prizes, as well as Velocity. You'll just have to enter your team of three into our tournament to find out the sweet prizes that were provided by our wonderful sponsors.



  1. friggin rawsome dudes! We are starting to hear back from Midwests sponsors too! Pumped!

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  3. like wow! where do i sign up

  4. Where da flyer at??

    Can't wait!

  5. We're working on the flyer today. It'll be up soon. Fort Wayne, you guys will for sure be getting an invite, no worries.