All I can think about is that Riverside Polo Tournament!

One of our new buddies from Fort Wayne said he would make us some cool bags from "The Black Labels: Tailored Bicycle Goods." So I've uploaded another updated flyer with his logo on it. Here is a link to his blog:

Check it out, there are some pretty sweet things on there. Who knows, maybe you can win something at the tournament!

Thanks again!



  1. I own some black label stuff, good stuff.

    Can't wait to see what he churns out for Midwesterns!

  2. so pumped for this tourny

    T from Dekalb

  3. what's the schedule looking like? you guys planning on playing pickup on friday or sunday?

  4. Yeah, I am pretty sure milwaukee and STL will be here friday night. We were thinkin pick-up if people are down. It won't be at the location of the tournament because we don't have light for friday, but we have a location with lights on Purdue campus.

  5. We are definitely gonna come down on Friday, about 7pm, for some pick-up and IBPC discussions and ideas, so plan accordingly Lafayette!!

    What are the teams and cities attending, you guys have that posted anywhere?

  6. Hey stas the IBCP meeting is gonna be after the tourney on Saturday but before we all get drunk... maybe we can sit down for a meal and talk about the future?