Lock-in and Stuff

Hey everyone,
It has been some time since a post was up, but I've been thinking about polo non-stop since our last pick-up. I was beginning to worry about pick-up polo in Lafayette for this semester. To be quite honest I was worried it might be a long time before I, myself, played again. Just when my spirits were down on polo, the STL Lock-In came to rescue!

If you were not aware, Tyler and I traveled 5 hours last Friday night after classes to St. Louis. Thanks to STL Polo and Mike Ross we had a place to sleep. We arrived at our home for the night around 10pm STL time and wasted no time heading back out to visit the other polo players at the Handle Bar. I could tell right away that we were in for a treat. 2 dollar mystery beers and a live band kept us entertained for the night. We later headed home for a good night's sleep before a full 24 hours of polo and fun. We got up Saturday morning with excitement on our faces around 10am. We ate some breakfast at McDonald's, and headed to the Skatium. Then the party started. We left the Lock-In around 10am on Sunday and made our long 5 hour journey home.

Once I was home, all I could think about was polo, and how jealous I am of the established polo club in St. Louis. Not only do these guys know how to party, but they know how to play. I wanted Lafayette to be just like St. Louis. Tuesday night, after some studying and some dinner I sent a mass text asking the polo players of Lafayette to come play some pick-up. Honestly I did not think we could get enough to play even 2v2. As I sat and felt discouraged about the lack of dedication, I suddenly was hit by a blur of responses. Surprisingly we were able to muster up 5 people for some garage polo. I was reluctant at first, but it turned out to be a blast.

So the point of this blog post is to express my pride and joy in the Lafayette Polo Club. Now all I need, is to satisfy this thirst for polo on the real court with some 3v3 action!!! So, what d'ya Lafayette polo players? As soon as are court is free of snow, we're hitting the courts and it is final. In the mean time, be looking for more indoor locations. The Hillenbrand garage was not ideal, but it was still a good time, and good practice. The only true downside was the constant calling of "CAR!!"

Rest your legs, and practice your swing, cause Lafayette polo.... Spring is right around the corner!



  1. Kevdog,
    Keep your head up and GAME ON!

  2. Loved having you guys there with us! Now post some photos to make everyone else jealous!!

    a few of Jordan's posted http://polo-velo-bloomington.blogspot.com/2011/01/stl-lock-in-2011-recap-2.html

    and "black donnie" made this photo teaser vid