Indiana Polo Next Year

Last night members of three of the Indiana Polo Clubs met in a dark bar in Indy to continue our discussion on Indiana polo in the upcoming year. It was strange traveling to meet these guys without our polo bikes and equipment, but I have to say these guys are fun both on and off the court.  From our discussion, it seems the cooperative is not far from becoming a reality, the Indiana Polo Tour dates are coming together, and Lafayette is at the forefront in fundraising. All and all it was as productive of a meeting as you can expect in such a setting.

After the meeting we traveled to the Pepsi Coliseum to watch Indiana Ice defeat Chicago Steel on the ice. It was an awesome experience considering it was the first hockey game I had  been to, and it makes me really want to attend a Hawks game. 



  1. We need to plan a trip to The United Center and see the Hawks.

  2. I'm all about the Blackhawks!! Let's do this sooner rather than later.

    Plus it's the perfect opportunity to play pickup with our friends in chicago.