Bicycle Bar Crawl!!!

So a local rider, and friend, Jordan decided to gather up for a bar crawl on bikes. As you might know, there will soon be an Indiana Polo non-profit organization. In order for West Lafayette Polo to be included in the organization and have liability insurance, among other advantages, we need to raise $100 or more to pay for our portion of the yearly fee. Tyler and I wanted to come up with a fundraiser. We decided on spoke cards for the bar crawl. Tyler and Tomas designed the card and I drew the silly drunken biker. Together we created this spoke card to raise money for the polo fund. So, tonight at the bar crawl we will be selling them for $5 a piece. Support the cycling, and polo, community and have a drink(or fifteen) with us tonight. Meet at our place at 7:30pm. address is 350 S. Chauncey, apt#18. See you there!

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  1. YEAH!! bike ride bar crawl = success