Pick-Up Tonight

I know it's cold, windy, and busy this week, but I'm hoping everyone still comes out. Not sure why, but i have never been so excited to play polo. Set aside tournaments. Just ordered a new bike that I'll be using for polo, i'll have pictures up as soon as i get it put together. I'm also posting because i'd like to discuss a change in the polo pick-up schedule. I'll talk about it tonight at polo more, but what I want to do is post a, sort of, poll on this blog and get people to pick two days of the week that would work best for next semester. I hate that people sometimes can't show up. I would also like to gather an actually e-mail and phone number list. If everyone is comfortable i'll post them with member names on the blog. Last saturday we had some pick-up, but we couldn't contact enough people to play 3-on-3. That's all I have for now, see everyone at polo! I hope ;)

Here's a little indoor bike polo video for ya!


  1. Can't make polo tonight (thursday); I have too much to do. But, we should set up a doodle schedule for next semester. As for the email and number list, there may be some way to post it here but keep it private.

  2. what the hell is it with europeans and bad dance music?