Saturday Polo Anyone?

 Hey guys! Pretty sure no one checks this, but just in case we're throwing together a pick-up game tonight at 9pm. If you guys can make it come out!! Should be a blast!


  1. I guess this isn't track standing, but this is the video I mentioned Tyler.


  2. So apparently i'm no one? I jest. Good to see you guys are playing saturdays too! Y'all still coming down in the 11th?

    Also, we might be doing a Friendlies with Lexington soon (some saturday in b'ton). I'll keep you up apprised.

  3. We are planning a trip down tomorrow, and I know I will be there the 11th.

  4. I'll be down tomorrow with tyler! I'm glad you check our blog though! I'm trying to post more stuff so people who check it actually have something to look at.

  5. I'm loving it so far. I know a lot of people communicated through texting, facebook and whatnot, but i think a club blog is a great way to keep out-of-towners in the loop.

    Can't wait to see you gents tonight. I'm calling a grudge match right now.