New mallet shafts!!!

Hey everyone, sorry it's been awhile since an update. We're back from the tournament and settled in. After the tournament we realized how much we have improved and decided that in order to get even better, we needed to get new equipment. Not only for us, but for our local competition as well. Tyler and I decided to look more into getting some new shafts for our mallets. Zach from bloomington recommended fixcraft, so tyler and tomas contacted fixcraft and tyler dropped a little money to order a set of 9 mallet shafts. Well, they came in yesterday!! I built my new mallet as soon as i got home from class and played with it at pick-up last night, and may i say, I love it! Tyler and I are keeping 2 a piece for ourselves but there are 5 up for sale. I believe there are only two left after polo last night. So whoever wants to claim the last two can just give tyler $14. If anyone needs help building a mallet, just contact Tyler or me and you can come to our place and build one. Here are some picture of my new mallet!!


  1. The new shafts rock! <3

  2. Nice Lafayette! Building your club and new stuff for yourselves! Forking over a little cheddar can take you club further than you think. Looks great Kevin. Now you will be like Bloomington and have 90% Black or Orange mallet shafts...

  3. 90 effing Perfecnt!!!