Chicago polo info

Last night, I went to Chicago polo. The guys there are really nice and they have an awesome court!
I didn't actually play last night but I'm going again on Sunday for a noob game. Some of the Chicago kids are pretty hardcore. Chicago plays 3 days a week, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday. They want the Lafayette polo kids to come up and play sometime. CT offered his apartment for a weekend if anyone is interested in coming up to play on a Friday/Sunday. The court is about 2 miles from the apartment.

Also, Chicago is hosting a two on two tournament on October 24. Teams are old school/new school. So if anyone is interested in playing, there are a couple Chicago guys who need a new school person. They said we could come up for the weekend, play pick up on Friday and tournament on Sunday.

They told us to register our team on the the League of Bike Polo site and join the midwest group so we can get contact numbers and keep updated. Might be a good thing for us to do.

Hopefully I don't get killed on Sunday playing with them!


  1. Ooops, just saw that we were registered already.

  2. Don't you love that big square court? It's crazy but fun... kinda like the Chicago boys!

  3. Wow, that sounds awesome! I'm ready for the trip!!

  4. chicago polo rulzzz...nuff said